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“Engaging in a collaborative effort with Will and DeNovo Treasury for our Treasury Management Competitive Analysis enhanced the value proposition for Sutton Bank. The comprehensive document and strategic roadmap delivered by DeNovo Treasury not only identified our gaps but will also serve as a catalyst for accelerating our existing treasury product expansion. Will’s expert guidance in prioritizing the roadmap, backed by his industry knowledge, proved to be an invaluable asset in steering us towards success. This partnership has not only met but exceeded our expectations, setting us on a path of efficiency and growth.”

Wayne McGaugh

Chief Financial Officer, Sutton Bank

“Having worked alongside the DeNovo Treasury team on successful treasury projects, my team and I can attest to their ability to drive meaningful outcomes. They are capable of defining the strategy, and doing the work required to execute. I would not hesitate to consider them for your next treasury-focused initiative.”

Steve Robert

CEO, Autobooks

“Working with DeNovo Treasury was a great experience. They helped clarify, accelerate, and align our TM strategy roadmap. DeNovo Treasury was a great partner, using an iterative process resulting in a practical, applicable document that will help us deliver.”

Len Devaisher

President, and COO MidWestOne Bank

“DeNovo Treasury gave us everything we needed to accelerate our goal- from a well-developed case study, building an implementation plan and product management structure, to creating job descriptions and a three-year strategic plan. Their experience was invaluable to build out a long-term plan with immediate opportunities that differentiate us in the market. What a joy to work with!”

Mary Inbody

Treasury Sales Director, Lincoln Savings Bank

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